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Price: ₹ 360
Binding: Paper back
Number of Pages: 624
ISBN-13: 9780552169592
ISBN-10: 0552169595
Official Website: INFERNO
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A thought provoking novel by Dan Brown. The characterization of the antagonist, Bertrand is simply amazing. He will cast a long impression on the readers. Dan Brown takes you to wonderful places. It was The Vatican City in Angels and Demons, Paris in the Da Vinci Code, the DC Capitol Building in The Lost Symbol and now, Florence and Venice!


The narrative is predictable, just like all Dan's previous novels. Too much influence of and references to Dante's Inferno. The readers will love and sympathize with the antagonist more than the protagonist.

Bottom Line

Dan Brown’s Inferno is a must read for every one. Those who have read Dante’s Inferno will be able to read faster than those who haven’t. The pace of the narration is thrilling though not as much as that of Dan Brown’s previous novels. The very premise of the book is very novel and impressive. The narration creates a sense of magnanimity around the antagonist. You will almost wish for the antagonist to win. But still, Angels & Demons is Dan Brown’s best book so far.

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When Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon awakens in a hospital ward with no memory of the last few days, he realizes that his memory loss is the least of his concerns. He is in Florence, Italy, and Sienna Brooks, one of the doctors tending to him informs him that he had been shot. He must figure out why, and what the shooting has to do with the strange object he had been carrying. Dr. Brooks and Langdon have little time, they are being hunted by unknown pursuers and only Langdon’s knowledge of Florence’s hidden passageways can save them. Guided by a few lines from Dante’s Inferno, they must decipher a string of codes hidden in some of the most famous artefacts of the Renaissance, and find the answers to save the world. Once again Robert Langdon’s expert knowledge of symbols and history becomes the sole pillar upon which the world’s future rests in this rapid chase against time.

Inferno has been optioned by Sony Pictures as a major motion picture, scheduled for release in December 2015, with Ron Howard as the Director and Tom Hanks reprising his role as the lead from the earlier films.

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