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Start Date: 17th March, 2014
End Date: Running
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 156 & counting
Episode Duration: 22 minutes
Created By:
Cast: , , ,








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The narrative of the serial is novel and lively, a complete contrast to the daily telugu serials. Ramana Gogula's title track is a special attraction.


Hero's characterization is not palatable to some audience as he is shown to nurture grudge against the heroine. Besides that, there are no lacunae at all (So far!!!).

Bottom Line

Meghamala is a break-away from the routine Telugu soaps. The serial is gaining popularity due to its unique presentation rivaling Tollywood movies and (surprisingly) good acting by all the actors.

Posted September 14, 2014 by

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The narrative of the serial is novel and lively, a complete contrast to the routine daily Telugu serials. Though cannot be said to be fast, the narrative is not as slow as the other Telugu TV Serials. Departing from the cliche of Telugu serials, there is much less of weeping and hysteric women characters. The inclusion of the element of humor has made Meghamala to stand out from its contemporary serials.

Casting is excellent as those who are best suited to the role have been selected. Upholding the faith of the producers and director, all the actors did a splendid job.Special mention has to be made of the performance of the actor playing the role of Rishi’s father, “Virinchi”. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands and is acting like a pro.

Ramana Gogula’s title track is a special attraction. Both the hero and heroine are excellent dancers, as can be seen in the title song.

Meghamala stands at par with the Telugu movies in more than one department, especially that of costumes. The costumes of  Rishi are not only trendy but also well suited to his body and built. 

The serial received attention before it is launched due to the support given by S.S.Rajamouli. In the initial episodes, some of the popular figures of the Telugu film industry made a cameo appearance in the serial. That too helped in broadening the viewer base.

Overall, Meghamala can be considered a successful attempt to redefine the Telugu TV serials. It has been successful in attracting the Urban Youth to prime time television shows, which has never been done before.




Virinchi – Rishi’s Father

Avanthi – Rishi’s Mother

Soudamini – Virinchi’s Mistress

Chaitra – Soudamini’s Daughter

Yogi – Soudamini’s Son

Sharada – Meghamala’s Mother


Meghamala is a tender and wonderful love story in the back drop of colourful and glamorous Film Industry.

Story starts in Hampi; the historical capital city of King Krishna Devaraya. Little Megamaala is like a cute flower, blossoming on the banks of River Tungabhadra. She is a beautiful classical dancer. Because of the happenings in the family, she, along with her mother sharada moves to Hyderabad.

Rishii, the Hero of the story is the only son of a legendary Film Director. Very egoistic Rishi meets Meghamala and the situation created a hatred for Meghamala in the mind of Rishi. Both became like rivals.

After few years….Rishi becomes a Film hero in tollywood and Meghamala becomes a choreographer in the same Industry. Incidentally they both started working for a film. The two, who developed extreme hatred.. showly started falling in love. But… ‘Ego’ stopped them from expressing the feel of heart.

How, this war of roses happened in their lives…is to be seen on small screen, only on ETV every day @ 8.30 Pm, Monday to Saturday.


Produceres : Prasad Devineni & Sobhu Yarlagadda

Camera : Sai Venkat

Screenplay : Balabhadrapatruni Raman

Music : Ramana Gogula

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Arka Media Works

ETV Network







    Nice serial


    The serial is simply superb, I feel to see it repeatedly. I became fan to the great dancer ANVESH, he looks very handsome. I don’t want to see the serial with a sad ending, on today’s released episode i.e.,on 25-9-2014 is a suspense that Rishi (ANVESH) would say that he is the prince to Meghamala (buttabomma) or it was the dream of that fake prince ,actually it happens in all the serials right.
    I hope it’s true that Rishi and Meghamala would meet today itself (in serial) and that fake prince or that jitthu fellow would not disturb them again,otherwise the viewers will be disappointed and get negative impression on the serial.


      Can’t agree more with you Vandana… Let’s hope there will be a happy ending…


        lets see what happens in today’s episode i.e., on 26-9-14.But I hope it wouldn’t be the dream of any one in the serial , Meghamala and Rishi should meet today itself not at the ending of the serial


        As I expected it was the dream of the fake prince.I thought MEGHAMALA is not like other telugu serials, but the serial proved that it was same like other serials


          Yes Vandana… just as you predicted, it all turned out to be a dream. It is a big disappointment for me too! Though trying to be different from the routine Telugu serials, Meghamala too could not break the stereotype shackles.

          This brave attempt would be in vain if they continue to drag on the serial by keeping Prince and Buttabomma away from each other.

          I mean, they can continue the serial even if Rishi and Meghamala realise the truth. There are many loose ends to be tied…. like Meghamala’s mother etc… So, there is no need of prolonging this ‘Fake-Prince’ episode. Isn’t it?


            I agree with both of you Vandana and h3ctor..I too thought MEGHAMAALA is a break down from routine telugu serials..but slowly its following the routine soaps.. audience will surely get bored if they continue this..hope the meghamaala team decides to unite prince and buttabomma sooooooonnnn…they can continue the story in some other way…


            Meghamala became very famous as it doesn’t have same routine stories , but now Meghamala is being a bit bore to the viewers.

            Not just thinking to run their serial they should even focus on the viewers interest on the serial, they should think new ideas which impress the viewers and even increase the serials economy, they should even know the viewers opinion on their serial.

            And h3actor I guess your a big fan of pawan kalyan.


              Finally…. Meghamala knows the truth now. It is upto her to tell or tease Rishi.

              Personally, I feel that she should tease him a bit now. So far, Rishi had the upper hand over her and he has been teasing her a lot. I think now is the time for Meghamala to return the favour. This could be a lot of fun to watch.

              Anyways, I am thankful that the director did not prolong the “fake prince” episode any further. I was tired of it… and I hope you are relieved now.. Vandana….

              BTW, I am a big fan of Pawan Kalyan…. thanks for noticing…


    looking at the way the serial is going on, I think Rishi and Meghamaala will meet soon..Already Meghamaala came to know that Rishi is her Prince..but I doubt whether Rishi believe Meghamaala that she herself is his Butta Bomma..eagerly waiting for todays episode..


      Ohh Swetha…. Meghamala knows the truth. But the point is… is she willing to reveal the truth to Rishi???? I don’t think so…

      I wish she will tease him for 2 – 3 weeks (not longer than that) just to make the equation equal. To be frank, Rishi has been teasing her a lot since the beginning and he deserves a treat of teasing…


    I’m getting bore of this serial


    It’s not boring Vandana..It’s far better than routine, sad, revenge based telugu serials..


    very nice serial ,advika acting superbeb:

    harshes royal

    Advika’s acting is so cute & hot. Hm…… simply the serial is superb but it should end as fast as possible by like chupulu kalisina subavela one of the most popular serial in india which was aired in maa tv 2012.


    Yes yes the serial is awesome I love it but there should be more more romance between rishi and meghamala <3 XD.


    I am big fan of meghamala’s super good love story


    ya……! Now the serial turned interesting.


      I feel Chaitra and gowri marriage twist is the most wort twist happened till date in meghamala serial..Lost interest in watching this.


    I’m disappointed with Chaitra’s marriage with Gouri. In addition, the entrance of fake buttabomma is tragic. Eagerly waiting for Rishi to know the truth.


    Finally i’m happy that Rishi found his original buttabomma (Meghamaala). I hope he will not reveal this secret and tease Meghamaala for atleast 5 episodes ( as he was teased by her ).

    I’m happy that the directors are not prolonging the serial like other conventional serials. Though they are opting for twists and turns, they are concluding them in reasonable time so that the viewer (like you and me) doesnot loose interest in the original plot.


    why is the serial ending so soon….??? its soooo nice…pls dont end the serial…continue it for atleast one more year…this serial didnt complete atleast one year…why are they ending it so soon………….:(


    Not at all happy with the serial ending so soon….i like it a lot and would want to watch it everyday :(

    There are many dirty serials for years and years this is such a nice serial why they end it so soon? not fair at all…..very disappointed………..

    Not going to watch any new ETV serials from now…na peru menakshi looks yuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.


    Disappointed, frustrated and angry that they have decided to pull the plug on Meghamala.

    Though we don’t know the reasons for ending Meghamala, it is pretty clear that the story which the creators had in mind has been tampered with. This is one of the examples of the lack of encouragement to the directors and writers in the TV & Movie industries. Creative artists are completely subdued by the producers and they have no say at all.

    The director should have been given at least a 10 episode chance to wind up the story convincingly.

    If ETV wanted to allot the time slot to a new serial, they should have atleast moved Meghamala to a different time slot. Or else Arkamedia should have sold the production rights some other company.

    So sad to see Meghamala end so abruptly…


    I cant believe the serial has ended so soon..! this is one of THE serials which has some love….comedy and an intersting story line rather than dirty politics and sad scenes. please start season 2 with Rishi as a big hero and meghamala as choreographer, add some more love to the serial….. wat about meghamala’s mother….???? i still dont understand why the serial has ended abruptly….!!!!! very very disappointed!!!!!!! :( :(


      I cant believe the serial has ended so soon..!
      this is one of THE serials which has some love….comedy and an intersting story
      please start season 2 with Rishi as a big hero and meghamala as choreographer, add some more love to the serial
      very very disappointed!!!!!!!
      Please restarts the MEGHAMALA serial Please


    @kavisree: These are my comments in fb…Looks like you copy and pasted it..anyways..

    DOes anyone know the email id of etv??? I want to write to them..

    Ail Meghamala fans, pls do like my post in FB page of Meghamala….Lets see if it goes till ETV ppl and we can expect them to start Season 2.. :)


    What about meghamala’s mother&father?


    still looking for a way to write to meghamala team,,


    Surprisingly, the new serial, Naa peru Meenakshi, which replaced Meghamala is also from Arka Media Works. I wonder what made them decide to replace Meghamala!!!


    i have written to arka media……na peru menakshi is so boring..its meants for auntys not a youthful serial as meghamala…no one in my home is watching it…..we r waiting ztelugu intead



    advika fan

    can any1 tel me the ful name of advika? I’ve become a fan to her cute expressions. Is she doing any other serials? Pls any1 tel if u knw


    Could somebody know the cast and crew details of naa peru meenakshi? I hate serials butni like the actress in thst serial who is going to make an engagement with krish

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