Save the Cat Beat Sheet for Leo

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Opening Image
Opening Image

The opening image of the film is a young Leo and his sister Sandy playing on the beach. They are laughing and happy. This image establishes the theme of the film, which is family and love.

Theme Stated

The theme of the film is stated when Leo’s father is killed by a gangster. Leo vows to avenge his father’s death. This event sets up the conflict of the film, which is Leo’s desire for revenge.


Leo grows up to become a ruthless gangster. He takes over the gang that killed his father and becomes one of the most powerful criminals in Chennai. This set-up establishes Leo’s character and his world.


Leo meets Aarthi, a police officer who is determined to bring him down. Aarthi is a skilled investigator and she is not afraid to challenge Leo. This event introduces the protagonist of the film, Aarthi, and sets up the main conflict of the film, which is Aarthi’s attempt to bring Leo to justice.


Leo is initially attracted to Aarthi, but he is also wary of her. He knows that she is trying to bring him down, but he can’t help but be drawn to her. This debate establishes the relationship between Leo and Aarthi, and it also shows Leo’s inner conflict.

Break into Two

Leo is arrested and charged with murder. He is facing a life sentence. This event marks the midpoint of the film, and it sets up the second half of the film, which is Leo’s attempt to clear his name and bring down Dante.

B Story

The B story of the film is Leo’s relationship with his sister Sandy. Sandy is the only person in the world whom Leo truly cares about. She wants Leo to change his ways and live a normal life. The B story provides a contrast to the main story, and it also shows Leo’s humanity.

Fun and Games

Leo is hired by a powerful businessman named Dante to assassinate a rival businessman. Leo accepts the job, but he soon realizes that Dante is not what he seems. This fun and games sequence allows Leo to show off his skills and his intelligence. It also allows the audience to learn more about Dante and his plans.


Leo’s sister Sandy is killed by Dante’s men. Leo is devastated and vows to avenge her death. This midpoint event is a major turning point in the film. It raises the stakes and motivates Leo to bring down Dante.

Bad Guys Close In

Leo is cornered by Dante and his men. He is outnumbered and outgunned. This scene shows that Leo is in danger and that he needs to come up with a plan to survive.

All is Lost

Leo is shot and wounded by Dante. He falls to the ground, dying. This scene shows that Leo has been defeated and that he is about to die.

Dark Night of the Soul

Leo has a flashback to his childhood. He remembers his father and his sister. He realizes that he has made many mistakes in his life, but he is determined to make things right. This dark night of the soul scene shows that Leo is finally ready to change his ways.

Break into Three

Leo is miraculously saved by his men. He is taken to the hospital and he recovers from his injuries. This break into three scene gives Leo a second chance at life. It also allows him to regroup and come up with a plan to defeat Dante.


Leo confronts Dante and his men. He kills Dante and his men and avenges his father’s and sister’s deaths. This finale scene shows that Leo has finally redeemed himself. It also shows that he has learned from his mistakes and that he is now a better person.

Final Image

The film ends with a shot of Leo and Aarthi standing together. They are looking into the future, with hope in their eyes. This final image suggests that Leo and Aarthi will have a happy ending together.

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