Save the Cat Beat Sheet for the Movie Fall (2022)

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Opening Image

The film opens with Becky, Hunter, and Becky’s husband Dan climbing a mountain. Dan loses his footing and falls to his death, leaving Becky devastated.

This scene establishes Becky’s world and her Ordinary Life. She is happily married to Dan, and they enjoy spending time together outdoors. However, Dan’s death is a traumatic event that changes Becky’s life forever.

Theme Stated

After Dan’s death, Becky becomes an alcoholic shut-in. She has estranged herself from her father, James.

This scene shows how Dan’s death has impacted Becky’s life. She is now isolated and alone, struggling to cope with her grief.


Hunter visits Becky and invites her to climb the B-67 TV Tower, a decommissioned 2,000-foot-tall tower in the desert. Hunter tells Becky that she can scatter Dan’s ashes from the top as a form of healing.

This scene introduces the Catalyst, which is the event that sets the story in motion. Hunter’s invitation to climb the tower is a challenge for Becky, but it is also an opportunity for her to face her grief and start to heal.


Becky is hesitant at first, but she eventually agrees to go. She and Hunter drive to the desert and begin their climb.

This scene marks the point of no return for Becky. She has decided to face her fears and climb the tower, even though she knows it will be a difficult challenge.


As they climb, Becky and Hunter talk about their lives and their friendship. Becky admits that she is still struggling to cope with Dan’s death.

This scene shows the inner conflict that Becky is facing. She wants to heal, but she is also afraid of letting go of the past.

Break into Two

Becky and Hunter reach the top of the tower. Becky scatters Dan’s ashes and takes in the view.

This scene marks the end of Becky’s Ordinary Life and the beginning of her New Life. She has faced her grief and started to heal.

B Story

The B Story in Fall is Becky’s relationship with her father, James. James is still grieving Dan’s death, and he is angry with Becky for pushing him away.

Fun and Games

Becky and Hunter enjoy the view from the top of the tower. They take pictures and laugh.

This scene shows Becky letting go of her grief and starting to enjoy life again.


As Becky and Hunter are preparing to descend, the ladder breaks. Becky and Hunter are now stranded at the top of the tower, with no way to get down.

This scene marks the Midpoint of the film and the beginning of the B Story’s climax. Becky’s relationship with James is also tested as he tries to rescue her from the tower.

Bad Guys Close In

Becky and Hunter run out of food and water. They also start to hallucinate and have nightmares.

This scene shows the physical and mental challenges that Becky and Hunter are facing. They are both struggling to survive, and they are starting to lose hope.

All Is Lost

Becky and Hunter realize that they have to do something drastic if they want to survive. They decide to try to climb down the tower using a makeshift rope made from their backpacks and clothes.

This scene shows Becky and Hunter at their lowest point. They are exhausted, dehydrated, and desperate. However, they refuse to give up.

Dark Night of the Soul

Becky and Hunter begin their descent down the tower. The descent is extremely dangerous, and Becky almost falls to her death.

This scene shows Becky’s inner strength and determination. She is willing to risk everything to survive.

Break into Three

Becky makes it to the ground safely. She is relieved to be alive, but she is also shaken by the experience.

This scene marks the beginning of Becky’s New Life. She has faced her fears and survived a harrowing ordeal.


Becky is reunited with her father. Becky is now able to start healing from Dan’s death and rebuild her life.

This scene shows the emotional resolution of the film. Becky has overcome her challenges and found hope for the future.

Final Image

The film ends with Becky standing on a mountain, looking out at the view. She is now a stronger and more resilient person.

This scene shows Becky’s transformation. She has faced her grief and come out stronger on the other side.

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